Cover Business Mum by Christine Gouchault

“A Life Saving Guide
 – How to Build a Strong Business While Raising Your Family “

"Business Mum" is a three-step guide for women who want to create a life where having your own business and having a family do not exclude one another. 

The book prepares you for potential obstacles during the start-up phase, as well as the growing pains you might encounter. It provides you with different tools and exercises that will help you solve the problems as they occur and guide you through the different phases of developing and marketing your product or service.

Ten successful self-employed mums who have managed to juggle career and family and create a happy and well-balanced life also share their struggles and give you their best advice to succeed. 

The combination of real inspiring stories from the mums and the author herself, mixed with theory, makes this the self- help book any business owner should have to succeed.

by Ulla Bechsgaard, Jyllands-Posten

"The book might as well have been written for men who are concerned with the balance between self-employment and the family. It is good because it articulates the challenge of being a committed person who wants to create her own business while maintaining a close relationship with her children.

It is not unusual for businesswomen to understate their interest in their own children to ensure that they are taken seriously as businesswomen. In this book, they have been given a voice. Thank you for that.

All in all, a fine and inspiring book that I gladly recommend."

Christine Gouchault BusinessMor


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