Do you also want to scale your sales?

Do you also want to scale your sales?

Christine Gouchault

Are your sales stagnant, sporadic or are you going into a new market? Do you need a sales strategy that works for your business?

Selling to businesses is complicated!

If there was an easy solution to help everyone get more customers, you would use it already.

You have probably tried a mix of cold calling, so-me, SEO, ads or events, and perhaps had difficulty hiring skilled salespeople. You know that you can quickly get busy and spend a lot of money without it producing significant results. This is frustrating, because every day that goes by without adjusting the strategy means lost revenue and most likely also a waste of time and resources.

Most people are blind to their own business, so competent sparring from outside may be what it takes for you to move forward.

The tailor-made solution

I help SaaS, consulting and service companies scale their sales. I offer you professional sales advice to make the right strategy that suits your company, customers and market, and takes into account your resources and goals.

I have worked with b2b sales and management for over 15 years both in Denmark and abroad. In times of crisis and prosperity. I have sold services ranging from consultancy, fresh food and products such as SaaS (legaltech, regtech, tourism) to companies in the pharma and the legal industries, the public sector, the financial world...

There are many common denominators in the sales processes for the start-ups I have been in and for the international teams I have led in, among others, Mastercard and ChemoMetec. Like understanding your customers, building trust, creating value, being where the customers are, following-up, and so on.

But each company is also unique, and requires a tailor-made sales strategy based on their customers and value creation, which is adapted to the goals and means you have available,  and then it can be spiced up with a mix of sales and marketing techniques.


Lisbet Helles

Head of Marketing, ChemoMetec

Christine is a skilled consultant and coach with great drive. She is a good sparring partner regarding management issues such as recruitment and strategy. She has a holistic approach to collaboration between departments and is a source of inspiration for every company she works in. She has the ability to see things from new angles and at the same time has a structured approach to change and development, which keeps focus and creates momentum.
As a consultant, Christine manages to focus on the current issue and work with change based on the organization's needs and point of view. Supplemented with presence and situational awareness, this makes Christine a motivating facilitator in any change process.


Maja Spangsberg 

Marketing Manager, Børnhjælpsdagen

It was great to work with Christine. I am impressed with her overview, drive and strategic thinking, as well as her ability to make things happen – also under challenging conditions.

As a communications professional, I enjoyed working with Christine because she could challenge me and I could learn from her sales perspectives and insights. Christine has this rare perfect balance between being energetic and a great strategist at the same time.

Christian Visti

Christian Visti Larsen

CEO & co-founder, NewBanking

Christine quickly familiarizes herself with new difficult information and is skilled at communicating with customers and creating trust across on- and offline platforms.

The phrase "It will be difficult, but fun" characterizes Christine very well. She is dedicated, promises no quick fixes and not afraid to say when something is not working. Christine is positive, has a great drive and is generally pleasant to work with.



I start by analyzing your business based on people, processes and data.

 The analysis consists of:

- interviews with customers and key employees in management/ sales/ marketing/ support,

- a review of the sales process and the customer journey,

- analysis of key figures.


The conclusions from the analysis are collected in a report and provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your sales processes. Based on the results, we will hold a workshop where I review the recommendations on how you can best achieve your goals with the resources you have. The recommendations will be turned in to step-by-step action plans so you know what needs to be done.


Execution. You choose whether you follow the plan on your own, have me as an advisor on the sidelines or hire me for a few months to help execute it (alone or together with my skilled partners).

Don't miss out on more revenue

Contact me now and book a confidential meeting so I can learn more about your company, and we can see how I can best help you.
You can reach me on +45 53 37 41 81 or send an email to:

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