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I am the founder and CEO of Nordic Data Intelligence.
As a passionate entrepreneur, I love helping business owners grow their businesses. With more than 15 years of professional experience in sales, marketing and business development, I also advise and help larger companies with their b2b sales and marketing and hold courses, workshops and lectures for their members and employees.

At the age of 25, I started a recruitment company in Paris and had a taste of life as a self-employed. It was some hectic years of great progress and a steep learning curve in relation to running a business, and I could sell the company when I moved to Denmark a few years later. Here I have worked as a consultant and grown my network and skills while trying to break the code to a satisfying life like mother and business owner, since I now have four children and want to keep a flexible working life. This has led me to start "Mum's Business Network" with over 400 members throughout Denmark.

I'm the author of “Business Mum - 3 steps to success in running your own business and being a mum” which was published in Denmark (2017), the UK (2018) and the USA (2019).